SWE    vilja [expr.]            ENG    will . pleasure . volition . will power . want

             vilja [vb.]                            to will . to want . to please . to intend . to mean . to choose . wanna

We wish to celebrate the force that lies within our will. What we want, what we desire, what we stand for. Simply - what we wish to create in life.

WILHJA is an insignia of that pure, creative force of will power symbolizing the act of beeing actively true to one self and ones beliefs. That is why the brand is named after the Swedish word  vilja, translated to will/wish. For example how one wish to express them self through what they choose to wear or what one want to create by their hands or actions.

     WILHJA is a creative studio, based in Wilhelmina, located in the north of Sweden in the region of South Lapland. We find that being based in a remote nordic wilderness adds an exclusiveness and raw spirit to our creations, not to be found anywhere else. Through the chosen spelling of the brand name, we bring homage to our specific herritage and nature.

Nature is in our opinion the most valuble treasure on earth. We firmly believe in taking less comfortable and more responsible choices and actions towards bringing necessary change.  That is why our resources mainly comes from recycled and upcycled elements and why we practice a minimal-waste policy.

      WILHJA wish to be established as a leading brand that signifies 'conscious couture'. We want to offer our client the rich experience and luxurious feeling of an excuisite craftsmanship produced by conscious and responsible choices.


In our studio avant garde pieces are custom made for expressive enthusiasts. We design visual expressions that can be categorized in either wearable design or object design and our services accommodates both private clients & other businesses. Through these categories, we are providing the opportunity to customize our clients visual expressions as either wearable creations or impactive items. We have experience of projects that include both costume and scenography & our fully wearable pieces have also been wished to be used as decorative objects like sculptures. We put no limit on the possibilities and no restraints on creativity.


ALTERNATIVE LUXE, signifies both the experience of the brand together with the aesthetics of the studios work. We wish to change the expectation of luxury, making it less material based and more rich in experience of refined, evolving design and presentation. Aesthetically, alternative luxe is adapted by the studios tendency of manipulating fabrics, giving them a new approach by forcing them through unexpected techniques or using unconventional materials with exquisite handiwork. 

If we combine that with the search after new brave silhouettes and methods, it gives our design an aura of EXPERIMENTAL ELEGANCE. We describe our design as ‘an exclusive visual expression of experimenal elegance’ because the appearance carries visible signs on experimentation concerning shape, surface and material choices but with a casing of sophistication and fetching elegance. This is something we wish to accomplish on an excellent level. 

We care for preservation, enriching and re-wilding the nature we have left. That brings awareness of our choices in material and methods. With our intimate business, it is easy for us to recycle, upcycle and practice a minimal-waste ideology as to put exclusivity on a limited to one-of-a-kind product.

It is our alternative choices that demands experimental ideas for our unique designs that symbolizes our work as what we like to call CONSCIOUS COUTURE. We want to offer our client the rich experience and luxurious feeling of an exquisite craftsmanship produced by conscious and responsible choices.